Monday, June 16, 2008

Reality Team to Investigate and Film Major New Discovery

A startling discovery has been made in Norway with ramifications for the history of mankind itself.

This remarkable tale includes murder and intrigue with monumental and far reaching ancient works on a scale previously unthought of.

Plans are underway to send out Reality's top researchers to capture the whole story on camera and we have the exclusive rights to the tale. Our expedition will include travel into the highest parts of Norway, taking some of the most basic transport on a journey akin to those of Indiana Jones, and we intend to come back with treasure for our viewers.

Amazingly this tale actually has incredible synchronisity with many of our films and will bring further proof for their validity.

Our expedition into the deepest and most unpopulated parts of this ancient Viking country will begin in July. More will be posted as we have it! But if you'd like to be on an email list for notifications then email with the word NORWAY in the header.

Reality Films

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