Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New Book >> ANCIENT CODE: Are You Ready for the REAL 2012?

This book reveals a power that has been hidden and lost—a power so great that our ancestors were in awe of it. Knowledge of it has been destroyed and rediscovered. Many have sought to wield it, falling foul of their own selfishness. Like mad magicians seeking to rule the world, men of renown have fleetingly seen the incredible nature of this power . . . but all too often have missed the point.

In our modern era, we too have missed the point. We spend our lives naming things and separating them, while they remain whole all the same. We vainly believe that we can disconnect ourselves. The Ancient Code needs no material gain, hatred or warfare.

You are the key to the code...

* * * * * * * * *

By Brian Allan, Jack Allis, Kala Ambrose, Nick Ashron, Philip Coppens, Robert Feather, Philip Gardiner, Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson, Andrew Gough, Jasmine Gould, Dan Green, Dr. John Jay Harper, June-Elleni Lane, Janice Manning, Marshall Masters, Brian Mayne, Steve Mitchell, Nick Pope, Dennis Price and Colin Wilson

$19.95 Soft Cover
$9.95 EBook

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