Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Word from Phil Gardiner

I was asked to write a little something for the Reality Entertainment blog, about what I’ve been up to lately. The first problem as ever with something like that is where the hell to start? Most of the time it ends up being somewhere you don’t expect and other times you get so confused you don’t even bother and just ramble on like this….

Anyway, I recently finished a few documentaries which folk who follow my stuff might like. The first, Robin Hood, came out recently and has been received very well by reviewers, so I don’t have to break any legs this time. It was a fun film to make in the real Sherwood Forest (what’s left of it – a couple of twigs and an old leather shoe…) Some of it was a bit dangerous too… especially when Robin kept letting his arrows fly into the sky and nobody knew where they were landing.

Another doc was Egypt Exposed with Robert Bauval. A fascinating story of the origins of Egypt – from somewhere you might not expect! Well worth watching that one, I enjoyed doing it, always a good sign.

The last one I made was Strange is Normal: The Amazing Life of Colin Wilson. That’s not out yet, but will be in a couple of months and is an absolutely fascinating insight into the mind of one of the world’s leading authors. A truly great man.

Apart from all that, it’s manic getting ready for the major feature film, The Stone, which will finally be going into principle photography in August…

Philip Gardiner, England, June 2010


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