Thursday, August 22, 2013

Media Cover Up

What They Won’t Show on the Discovery Channel – Media Conspiracy

Have you ever asked yourself, are all the shows on the BBC, Discovery and History channels unbiased? Are they really trying to get to the bottom of mysteries such as the Holy Grail, UFO’s, Bigfoot, the Illuminati and world conspiracies?

Well, a lot of people don’t believe a word they hear from some of these multi-billion dollar organizations and who can blame them? Funded by governments and the world of commerce with a desperate need to earn more and more for their share-holders, it is highly likely that not all the truth is revealed, even though they might know it.

This is the very reason that film companies such as Reality Films are doing so well. It’s because there is that suspicion within many that there’s more to the story – whatever that story may be.

Reality Films produces and distributes a vast array of documentaries on many subjects. Ancient mysteries, aliens and UFO’s, old and new conspiracy theories, secret societies, cryptozoology, hybrid technology, religion and spirituality, earth energies and much more. Available to almost everybody on the earth whether on DVD, video on demand or streamed in dozens of places, some films are even free at the Reality Films youtube site.

But most of all, as the voice of the people, Reality Films needs the support of the people. Whether it’s in help spreading the word via social networking or sending in independently made documentaries for distribution. All help is greatly appreciated to further spread the underground movement that is Reality Films. We’re not anonymous, we’re out in the open and we believe everybody has a right to put across their own theory and evidence on whatever they want – whether it’s belief in the supernatural or evidence about the death of Princess Diana.

Please join us in the fight for media freedom and help us spread the word. There is a film company that has stood up for true independence from day one and it’s Reality Films.

Contact me, Brian Johnson, if you need anything.

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