Friday, May 25, 2007

G-Zero goes BOOM! on Reality youtube

The members of G-ZERO were attracted to each other like individual metal gears attracted to a single magnetic force, somehow pulling them into alignment, pulling them together to create something new, something unique. G-ZERO has arrived as a truly unique, original group that delivers an unforgettable experience both live and in the studio. GZERO is the 'Cirque de Sole' of popular music, mixing modern metal, rap, jazz, urban beats, R&B, hiphop and much more in a way that is uniquely"G" being both sonically mesmerizing and visual startling. GZERO takes you on a musical journey of multiple dimensions. No GZERO show is the same, the band routinely has special guests both live and on their recordings. From ethereal female vocals, to crass poetry from a beat poet, to the sound of frogs and rain to a Tibetan Monk channeling the cosmos, the "G" ride is nothing you've seen or heard before. See the video for "Boom! Shake The Room" on Reality Youtube


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