Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Reality Filmaker Gets His Own Television Show

The best selling British author, Philip Gardiner, has accepted an offer of his own television show on the soon to be launched Edge Media TV channel to be aired on Sky and Freesat with Virgin Media to follow.

The new show will be called Gardiner’s World and will see the author interviewing cutting edge researchers and authors on history, propaganda and secret societies. He’ll also be featuring fresh musical talent and other entertainment in this alternative chat show.

The offer came during discussions with Edge Media TV, based in Milton Keynes, over the various films Gardiner has made, including his latest triple award winning film, The Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne, which unravels the secret society links of the great father of science fiction. Gardiner has negotiated the screening of all Reality Films documentaries for the first time on British television.

"This is a very exciting opportunity for many in this field who otherwise have to be content with doing the odd lecture or radio interview. Mainstream TV steers clear of such controversial work, even though much of it is based on good solid research." Said Gardiner.

One of Gardiner’s first guests will be the author, Crichton Miller, who has made a major discovery regarding the origin and use of an ancient navigation device that we know today as the Celtic Cross and which is featured in the Reality DVD, The Cross of Thoth.

"Miller’s cross discovery is provable and he has obtained British Patents to prove that it does in fact work. This is the kind of hard evidence I’m looking for and the kind of discoveries that people will find fascinating and yet never see on their TV screens." Said Gardiner.

Edge Media TV will launch in July and has already drawn support from many areas. More information will be posted at the official Gardiner’s World website, as soon as it is available.


Contact: Michael Pralin, Reality Films


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