Friday, September 05, 2008

Secrecy Surrounds The Ancient Code, A New Film To Be Released At The End Of 2008

Reality Entertainment is a proud sponsor of the unprecedented Film "The Ancient Code"

It's bigger than The Secret, More powerful than What the Bleep, More dangerous than The Da Vinci Code, And this will affect us all... because it's REAL...

The Ancient Code team are currently filming throughout Europe for their project tipped to be bigger than 'The Secret', 'What The Bleep' and 'The Da Vinci Code' combined, but what is it about?At the moment the content as well as the two directors names are being kept secret, but it has been leaked that warfare, end times and natural disasters are going to be examined in relation to the history of civilization itself, apparently presenting new answers that will affect everyone.

Far Beyond 'The Secret', the key to this film lies in our distant past and has been carried through conspiracies and secret societies, into the present, coded into sacred symbols and even the physical landscape itself.

The website - - allows interested individuals, Cinema's, Festivals and Press and Media representatives to become part of a mailing list of 'chosen ones' so that they can find out more about the film as news breaks.'

Ancient Code is a real film made by leading researchers with real answers' say the team.

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Blogger hillarysyogapractice said...

this looks amazing and when watching the trailer I could feel the web inside tingling with excitement.. I do hold the key and to tune in to source is the only way we will become our best self.


6:57 PM  

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