Friday, June 27, 2008

UFO Crash Debris Found in Wales

For the first time since Roswell, New Mexico, actual pieces of a crashed UFO have been found. Reality's newest filmaker, Mark Olly, has uncovered the evidence and had the metallic substances tested, with some remarkable conclusions.

Ever since the incredible story of the crashed UFO at Roswell in 1947 broke, the world has been searching for evidence of more UFO's. Now for the first time in over sixty years, Reality Films will present, Europe's Roswell to the world.

Filmed on location, with witness corroboration and scientific testing, Europe's Roswell will show the fragments to the world. Mark Olly, presenter of History Channel's Lost Treasures, will outline the case and take us on a journey into the heart of this incredibly enthralling tale.

Featuring dramatic reconstructions and special effects this film will set the UFO world ablaze all-over again, just like the Roswell case did in 1947. Is this evidence of alien technology?

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