Saturday, September 13, 2008

Were You at Woodstock?

The untold story of Woodstock 1969 will finally be told by the inceptor and co-creator of Woodstock 1969, Artie Kornfeld.

"The Greatest Peaceful Event in History" will be releasedin book and DVD formats in early 2009 to co-incide with the 40th anniversary and the re-release of the famous Woodstock Movie. Artie is asking the world, Were you at Woodstock?

If you were, he would like you to share your photographs and memories of those three Magical Days in 1969 for possible inclusion in the book and DVD. Artie wants the readers to get the true feeling behind Woodstock and needs YOU to contribute your Woodstock memories and photographs to help bring us all "out of the woods, back to the garden" and faithfully document the most famous Festival in history from the fans perspective.

Artie Kornfeld is a music industry icon. He is a songwriter, manager, publisher, performer, promoter, and record executive. He has influenced all phases of the rock music business for over four decades. Although well known for being the sole promoter and co-creator of Woodstock ‘ 69, Artie encompasses much more than being the spirit of the greatest music and social phenomena of all time. He has experienced the music scene from the inside, he’s personally known the rock stars, lived the dream of the Woodstock Nation, soothed the egos of anxious musicians, written the songs that propelled them to the top of the charts and arranged the deals that made them famous. And yet, he still remains a humble man intent on sharing his experiences so that the spirit of the peace and music of the Festival will live on.

As we close in on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock ’69, Artie has decided to finally share his story. He tells of the events that prepared him to promote Woodstock, of his experience of organizing the musicians for the concert, preparing them before they went onstage, and of course, his own take on what Woodstock meant to his generation and what it continues to mean for all those who appreciate what occurred during those three magical days in August 1969.If you have photographs and a story to tell, let the folks at Reality Entertainment know by emailing them at


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