Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Freakhouse Vid "Dead On The Inside" goes #1

Freakhouse's new self titled album comes hot on the heels of their hit single and video "Liars, Inc." which was featured on all Dell Computers worldwide. Fans of Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Papa Roach, and Nickelback will love their new album. Includes the hit single "Dead on the Inside" and "No Way Down" with special bonus tracks "Creep" and "Plowed". Freakhouse once again prove why Metal Edge dubbed them "the band that redefined hard rock". Fans of Rock Band, Guitar Hero, wii, Sony Playstation, XBox 360 and more will appreciate this new vid. Turn it Up and get your FREAK on! Look for Christopher Atkins in the next VIDEO!

See Dead On The Inside in HD!

Freakhouse Video #1 New Music Video on, check it out


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