Monday, September 13, 2010

The Defiled

THE DEFILED is a US science-fiction/horror thriller scheduled for release in 2011. Written and directed by Julian Grant, the film is a zombie apocalypse art film steeped in fine art cinema. Combining the avant-garde aesthetic of David Lynch and the stark black and white cinematography of classic horror films, THE DEFILED is a blast-from-the-past with guts!

Shot on location in Gary, Indiana, one of America's most economically depressed major cities and in the woods surrounding La Porte, IN, Grant spent weeks shooting in bizarre and dangerous locales rarely seen on screen.

Grant has a love of classic horror cinema with Herk Harvey's "Carnival of Souls", Romero's seminal "NOTLD" and more influencing his work. The film is completely non-verbal - full of sound and music reminiscent of classic horror - but needs no lengthy exposition or dialogue to fuel the story. "I wanted a film that could travel internationally and be understood by audiences everywhere. Good cinema does not need actor's yapping about how they feel or what they want. They exist in a world of images and sound that take you on a nightmare roller coaster."

The film is scheduled to be screened at The Chicago International Film Festival in October 2010 with a UK premiere at the same time with The Bram Stoker Film Festival and Buffalo Screams in Albany, NY presenting. Reality Entertainment's Chemical Burn division have secured all rights worldwide.

"The most epic black and white horror film since Night of the Living Dead" - Warren Croyle, CEO of Reality Entertainment

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