Sunday, August 25, 2013

Author Strikes Gold

Independent Author Strikes Gold With Movie Deal

Writer/Producer D Michelle Gent is snapped up for new Chemical Burn Entertainment movie.

Talented writer, Michelle Gent is collaborating on another movie, this time from a scriptwriter’s perspective. After producing a number of films, she’s turning her hand to writing them.

D Michelle Gent’s captivating world of horror, violence, historical fiction and mythical beasts takes another step forward into the realms of fantasy as she embarks upon a career-change that many can only dream of.

After a year of producing movies in collaboration with award-winning Director Philip Gardiner, Michelle has been asked to write a screenplay that the proven and successful combination can work on.

“I’ve always wanted to see my stories brought to life on the big screen and now it looks like it’s actually going to happen!” Michelle said.

Michelle took time out of her writing schedule last year in order to learn a little about the film-making process but did she think it would end up with a writing deal?

“No, I didn’t have any expectations when Phil asked if I wanted to produce his latest movie, Exorcist Chronicles in the summer of last year. To be honest, I went along for the ride and thought that I’d come unstuck soon enough and he’d turf me out of the Producer’s chair but that didn’t happen. In fact, Phil asked me to produce his next movie Dead Walkers – Rise of the 4th Reich and that led to Ancient Demon Succubi Directed by the controversial and acclaimed Aquinas.”

A year after producing the first movie, Michelle is now back in her writer’s chair, busy on the 4th in her well-received Werewolf series and the equally acclaimed Young Adult and New Adult oriented Dusty the Demon Hunter short story series. Hot on the heels of these, a new character is being developed, again for the YA/NA market, Celtica Diamond – an enigmatic supernatural detective.

How will she find time to write the movie screenplay?

“I have no idea where I’ll get the time but it usually all works out in the end. I love writing and creating worlds for others to sink their teeth into, let’s hope that the movie will be as well received as my books have been.”

From werewolves, demons and even Jack the Ripper, Michelle certainly has imagination to spare, her latest full novel, Diamonds and Deviants will be winging its way to an agent later this year.

“Yeah, to borrow a quote: The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get.”

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