Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Revelation, the Divine Fire"

Reality Press and Steiger Werks re-releases the classic "Revelation, the Divine Fire" by internationally best-selling author Brad Steiger. "Brad has written so many great books, we're thrilled to have him on Reality Press and to re-package "Divine Fire"and other Steiger Werks classics. says CEO, Warren Croyle. adding, "'Divine Fire', like many others he's written are as relevant and fresh today as when they were first published. I think perhaps even more so."

Book Description: A Biblical prediction says that "In the latter days, your sons and daughters shall prophesy." Brad Steiger has communicated with literally hundreds of individuals who claim to have received messages directly from God or from spacemen, angels, spirit guides and other superhuman entities. It would be easy to dismiss these latter-day prophets as deluded, but amazingly, their revelations all have an internal consistency, a common theme: a time of judgment is at hand, and human kind must change its ways to avert disaster. Moreover, contemporary housewives, business executives, and "Jesus people" are experiencing the same symptoms of revelation: a blinding light, a voice out of nowhere, an impulse to take on a new name and a new life. On the track of the elusive source of these messages, Steiger examines the spread of glossolalia and faith-healing; the folklore of elves and leprechauns; the awesome cases where a revelator's body is briefly occupied by an outside personality; the mysterious "Elijah" tradition of the Bible that suggests that the great prophets (perhaps even Jesus) were possessed by a single entity; and the latest laboratory research into consciousness expansion. First released in the 70's, Reality Press is pleased to re-release this Steiger classic, even more relevant and poigant today.


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