Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reality Entertainment Supports UFO Matrix

UFO MATRIX MAGAZINE brings together an international list of columnists and contributors to provide you with the latest UFO sighting reports, discussions, debates, theories, news, reviews and much more. It is our aim to try and cover any and every aspect of the UFO subject.

We have no hidden agenda and no fixed editorial plan on what we can and cannot cover. Instead we will endeavor to offer you the reader as much information as we possibly can on the UFO subject and allow you to reach your own conclusion. We will not favor any one particular theory as to what UFOs may or may not be, nor will we ignore the research of our colleagues who take a more skeptical stance.

The one thing we do feel strongly about is the importance of UFO study. This is one of the primary reasons for producing this publication. It is to bring to the attention of the general public at large as much information on the UFO subject as possible. We feel that whatever lies behind the UFO phenomena, it deserves serious study and debate and to do that it needs to be kept in the public domain.

UFO MATRIX MAGAZINE is our contribution to keeping the UFO subject in the public eye and hopefully adding something to continued UFO research and investigation.

UFO Matrix is produced by 11th Dimension Publishing and UFO Matrix is available from most mainline London train stations and independent retailers as well as WH Smith and Martin McColls across the UK.

It will also be available in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and Borders and Barnes & Noble in the USA.

For Subscriptions, please visit our official UFO Matrix merchandise store here:

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