Monday, August 26, 2013

New Titles Coming From Reality Films

A Ripper  in Canada: Paranormal Encounters from the Great White NorthEvil entities reaching out from beyond the grave, murder victims reliving their grisly demise and lost souls searching for a way home - Canada has no shortage of paranormal tales. Anyone visiting Listowell might encounter Canada’s own Jack the Ripper whose ghost is still seen on the grounds of the jail where he was executed back in the 1890’s. In Newfoundland, a phantom hearse and the spirit of a red-cloaked woman (believed to be a witch with the power to bring the dead back to life) continues to haunt a local cemetery. The Mission at Lac La Biche is the home of Father Renard's ghost who was brutally slaughtered by his native guide. The giant pylons of the Lift Lock in Peterborough, have been the scene of many tragedies and a myriad of ghosts are said to haunt its labyrinth of underground tunnels. Explore these encounters and more as we journey to the Great White North in search of paranormal encounters. Could the plague of accidents, suicides and unexplained events stem from the dying curse of an innocent woman burnt as a witch in the 1840’s? 

Alien Creatures from Beyond: Monsters, Ghosts and VampiresAre there creatures still unknown to science lurking in the remote areas of our planet? Hundreds of eyewitnesses say unquestionably YES. Lurking in Magog is the elusive Memphre, a thirty-foot lake monster that stalks the peaceful waters of Lake Memphremagog. Wilno, Ontario is a small town steeped in its heritage, locals believe that when a person takes their own life, then is buried on sacred ground, that person will become a vampire who will walk the streets, preying on their family members. The Bytown Museum sits at the gateway to the Rideau Canal and may also be a gateway to the paranormal. Bell Island is a place steeped in mysteries and legends encountered firsthand by local residents living around the marshes known as Dobbin’s Garden. The residents have named their local Banshee “The Bell Island Hag” explaining that sometimes she appears as a beautiful woman in white, but more often as a horrifying deformed old hag. Men have been known to enter the marshes and then emerge days later scared to death with no memory of what happened, or where they had been. Banshees, Lake Monsters, Vampires and more will be encountered in this special compilation of “Alien Creatures from Beyond.” 

Epic War Stories of WWI and WWII
A lavish production featuring three fascinating and unique tales of World War I and World War II. Complete with historical re-enactments and battle scenes, historically researched costumes and locations all across Europe help the viewer live and feel the experience firsthand. This collection is a must for World War enthusiasts.
In “Murder on the Hill” we follow acclaimed British broadcaster Robin Thompson as he reveals an untold and tragic tale. Ruthless and incompetent military command resulted in the deaths of many brave men. Hear for the first time the shocking truth to an untold chapter of the Great War.
“A Soldier’s Return” takes us on a fascinating journey from 1916 to the present day. We see and hear the tragedy of war firsthand and experience the recreated sights and sounds of battle of those who were there. We learn the story of Corporal Robert Beveridge – a born leader, decorated for bravery in the field – who was forgotten for so long but is now immortalized. This is a story of a generation we must never forget.
"Beyond The Barbed Wire" is the story of Ben Altman, an Aushwitz survivor who dreamed of being a painter as a boy but became a tailor and as a result, survived the camp by being useful to the Nazis. Decades later, the memories poured out of him, and onto canvases. The images of his dreams and emotions are not only a powerful reminder of the Holocaust, but a testament of the human will to survive and transcend while never losing hope or sight of our dreams.
“Stunning and Powerful Collection” -
"A Triumph" - Philip Gardiner, author of the best-selling book "Quantum Mind of God"
“What we’re dealing with is creation and annihilation.” - Fred Alan Wolf “What The Bleep Do We Know”

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