Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Film Used in Ritual

Erotic Vampire Film Shown to Initiates Before Secret Rituals

An erotically charged twisted vampire film, Lady of the Dark (Melanie Denholme), is being shown to initiates before they undertake their joining ritual.

The film shot in the UK and starring award-winning actress, Melanie Denholme, is the tale of a young woman bitten by a snake and who then slowly turns into a kind of ancient succubus. She devours her husband as the evil seed within her grows too powerful.

Throughout the film we see Denholme turn from innocent, soft focussed beauty to raging, blood sucking, meat eating crazy bitch.

Now in a twist of reality it turns out Thelema Ophite, a secretive snake worshipping cult in California, are actually insisting their initiates watch the film before proceeding to offer their lives and souls to the great serpent gods.

Although no real names are give, the Grand Mistress said, “The film offers an insight into the realm of original serpent worship older than Christianity itself and the way the actress goes through the process is something we believe initiates need to see. Some of our rituals can be very difficult for those who are not prepared and this film we were surprised to discover, actually touches on many.”

One can only guess at just what those rituals may involve, when in the film we see a lot of rabid gore, sex and violence. There’s a healthy lecture given by the, now turned Denholme, about mankind and it’s ability to rape mother earth before she destroys her man. Let’s hope Thelema Ophite don’t have too many secrets locked away in their red and black closets.

Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire is a Chemical Burn Entertainment picture, written and Directed by Philip Gardiner and starring Melanie Denholme.

It is available from www.chemicalburn.org and www.strangeisnormal.com

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