Monday, July 23, 2007

Crop Circles

Check out this great clip on crop circles! Just happened and coming on Reality Films soon. To be notified, email with the words crop circles

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Review of Philip Gardiner’s The Ark, The Shroud, and Mary DVD

Review of Philip Gardiner’s The Ark, The Shroud, and Mary DVD

Once again, Philip Gardiner has enlightened viewers with his correlations uniting separate religious icons into cohesive alignment. The Ark, the Shroud, and Mary provides the perfect revelatory vehicle to show closer alliance of three of the most treasured symbols of Christianity.

As Gardiner researched the links of Gnostic, Judaic, Vedic, Islamic, and Christian references to ancient knowledge cults, he noticed amazing pictorial similarities in vessels used to carry the “Laws of God” to the people. Those arks, or vessels of higher consciousness, became the focus of his search in determining whether the legendary Ark of the Covenant actually existed or was merely a mythical representation used to convey sacredness to the masses, and divert attention from genuine artifacts concealed from the opposing powers of the time.

According to Gardiner’s theory, while the Old Testament’s Ark of the Covenant supposedly held God’s laws and covenant with the Hebrews as lead by Moses, the Virgin Mary became the New Testament vessel for the new Law Giver—Jesus. Symbolism and metaphor play heavily into the legends or both vessels, with the Shroud representing the remnant of God’s radiance still lingering on earth for the faithful to worship.

This DVD represents another milestone for Gardiner in aligning ancient iconic symbolism with a cross-religions perspective. Worth viewing many times.

Becky Holdorf
Author and Editor of Foundations of Light Publishing

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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Friday, July 13, 2007

Dark Knight of the Bat Film

Coming soon on Reality Films - Dark Knight of the Bat, Inside the Mind of Bat Man.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Walking Between Worlds

After years of uncertainty, Jason progressed from an initial standpoint of fear and terror to the point in his teens when he began accepting "their" teachings and to acknowledge who he is - one of many Indigo or Star Children here on Earth helping humanity to evolve to the next step.

Jason says he came to our planet with two purposes: "I wanted to experience what it was like to be human, and as a human, I would be in a better position to help the rest of you when the time comes."

Walking Between Worlds - Belonging to None raises the bar when it comes to alien abduction books. Like many, Walking offers a fascinating account of strange and unusual events; yet it also takes us into new realms of possibilities where humanity takes its place as Cosmic Citizens; realizing our divine destiny where the Earth becomes a station of light, a point of great radiance and vitality, beaming out into the Universe.

What sets Jason apart from the many other young children who are now being born with exceptional multidimensional abilities is that Jason is not only an abductee, but is himself of extraterrestrial origin and he explains that "Technically we are all extraterrestrials, because there is no one amongst you who 'comes' from here."

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