Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dark Watchers

Dark Watchers: The Women in Black
More and more UFO sightings occur every day. Across the globe people are losing time, friends and loved ones disappear, while the Men in Black are perpetually lurking in the background. In a sleepy seaside village, three women search the skies for a sighting of a UFO that is repeatedly haunting the area. Every day they venture out until one day they return having completely lost 4 hours from their lives. Their need to understand the UFO’s and why they are here opens a world they could never have imagined and takes them into the heart of a dark and secretive universe populated by the Men in Black. Coming face to face with the unknown, they begin to realize that they have been profoundly affected by their encounter. To make matters worse, they begin to evolve into something amazing, yet horrifying – something beyond their worst nightmares. Beware the Dark Watchers.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Horror, Gore and More

Horror, Gore and More Sex, Blood and Carnage Than You Can Shake a Stick at

Calling all horror lovers. Do you run a website, magazine or horror blog? Wanna run reviews?

Chemical Burn Entertainment are one of the fastest growing horror film companies in America right now and they’re on the look out for you to review their films.

With tons of films across the horror spectrum there’s something for every sick mind to enjoy. Slasher, gore and sexploitation meet everyday horror and even some rad comedy.

What Chemical Burn Entertainment want now is even more horror lovers who run magazines, websites, blogs and popular facebook pages to get in touch for review copies. Just go to and choose what you would like to review and email Brian Johnson ( with your website or mag name and your address.

There’s some really cool new films out now such as Anna: Scream Queen Killer (award for best actress) and Aeon: The Last Vampyre on Earth. Plus some great old stuff for the classic b-movie lovers such as Death by VHS and Lesbian Vampires.

And there’s some great opportunities for the indie filmmaker too, because Chemical Burn are on the hunt for new talent. So if you've made a film that fits the genre then get in touch and you could see your film distributed across distribution platforms all over the place.

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Loch Ness Monster Discovery

Startling New Loch Ness Discovery

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, a new discovery is made and this time it’s more bizarre than ever.

Early in 2013, US company, Reality Films, were contacted by a scientist who had new evidence about the Loch Ness Monster. At first nobody quite believed what they were being told until the man’s credentials were checked out. Either a top scientist had been taking too many drugs, or there was something very sinister going on at that remote Loch.

Taking the lead, Reality’s award-winning film Director, Philip Gardiner, went to investigate. Now after months of work behind the scenes Reality Films are ready to reveal the new evidence in a new film.

“Don’t expect a floating log or a seal. This is totally different to everything that’s gone before.” Said Reality contact, Brian Johnson.

For the past hundred years or more Loch Ness has often made headline news with grainy pictures or strange footage. Speculation as to just what the beast is has brought all kinds of ideas. From dinosaurs to floating tyres and everything in between. But for some years now the sightings have dwindled and some say the monster has died. This new revelation explains exactly what happened to the monster in a remarkable new way.

There’s a small trailer here

For those who are interested. Otherwise check out where release of the new film will be announced soon. Media and distribution enquiries to Brian at

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Film Used in Ritual

Erotic Vampire Film Shown to Initiates Before Secret Rituals

An erotically charged twisted vampire film, Lady of the Dark (Melanie Denholme), is being shown to initiates before they undertake their joining ritual.

The film shot in the UK and starring award-winning actress, Melanie Denholme, is the tale of a young woman bitten by a snake and who then slowly turns into a kind of ancient succubus. She devours her husband as the evil seed within her grows too powerful.

Throughout the film we see Denholme turn from innocent, soft focussed beauty to raging, blood sucking, meat eating crazy bitch.

Now in a twist of reality it turns out Thelema Ophite, a secretive snake worshipping cult in California, are actually insisting their initiates watch the film before proceeding to offer their lives and souls to the great serpent gods.

Although no real names are give, the Grand Mistress said, “The film offers an insight into the realm of original serpent worship older than Christianity itself and the way the actress goes through the process is something we believe initiates need to see. Some of our rituals can be very difficult for those who are not prepared and this film we were surprised to discover, actually touches on many.”

One can only guess at just what those rituals may involve, when in the film we see a lot of rabid gore, sex and violence. There’s a healthy lecture given by the, now turned Denholme, about mankind and it’s ability to rape mother earth before she destroys her man. Let’s hope Thelema Ophite don’t have too many secrets locked away in their red and black closets.

Lady of the Dark: Genesis of the Serpent Vampire is a Chemical Burn Entertainment picture, written and Directed by Philip Gardiner and starring Melanie Denholme.

It is available from and

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Sell Your Soul to Satan

Filmmakers Discover How Far Wannabes Will Go

Californian filmmakers push the boundaries of acceptability in a crazy new film that sees wannabes sell their souls to Satan.

Hollywood is full of hopefuls. Packed with waiters and waitresses who all think they have what it takes. Thousands of truly talented people never get that one break they have read so much about. But what is there was a way to rise above the rest?

Well, filmmakers in California have actually created a bizarre competition. Thousands of hopefuls lined up around the block to be selected to strike a deal with non other than Satan himself. The prize? To attain stardom.

Dedicated actors, skilled musicians, doctors, lawyers, you name it, they all turned up ready and willing to sign their soul over to Satan for stardom. Eventually one man was chosen, Kai Blackwood, an aspiring rock star. Blackwood proceeds to embark on a nefarious path of real-life occult practices taken directly from Le Grand Grimmoire and sells his soul to Satan.

In a ground breaking documentary film, Chemical Burn Entertainment presents the most shocking sights of human humiliation you will ever see. Packed with insanity and occult practices, I Sold My Soul To Satan is a film for our times.

The film is available now from or

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Alien Autopsy

Secrets of the Alien Autopsy Revealed

A few years ago the whole world was amazed by footage of an alien autopsy carried out in Area 51. But then scandal hit as it was revealed to be a hoax. But was that the whole truth?

In 1995 Ray Santilli released his now infamous footage of the alien autopsy. Every newspaper on the planet and every media outlet went crazy. Santilli claimed it showed the autopsy of a dead alien recovered from a crashed flying saucer found near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The body was then moved to Hanger 18 at the famous Area 51. Then just as suddenly the world was shocked to discover the whole thing had been hoaxed.

For over 15 years the creators of the footage have been silent, until now. Reality Films film Director and author, Philip Gardiner, got exclusive access to Ray Santilli and Gary Shoefield with startling results. Amazing tales of sinister Men in Black invading their lives and stories of how Chinese secret service agents knew all about the real original footage that Ray and Gary recreated. For the first time the entire alien autopsy footage is released on the DVD of this incredible story.

Stunning cgi recreations and in-depth investigation into the whole story reveal a much bigger story than any Warner Brothers blockbuster showed. Amazingly, a lot of the “movie” starring Britian’s Ant and Dec were based on very real events, including the sinister secret services.

The new film, Alien From Area 51: The Alien Autopsy Revealed, is available now from or

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Monday, August 26, 2013

New Titles Coming From Reality Films

A Ripper  in Canada: Paranormal Encounters from the Great White NorthEvil entities reaching out from beyond the grave, murder victims reliving their grisly demise and lost souls searching for a way home - Canada has no shortage of paranormal tales. Anyone visiting Listowell might encounter Canada’s own Jack the Ripper whose ghost is still seen on the grounds of the jail where he was executed back in the 1890’s. In Newfoundland, a phantom hearse and the spirit of a red-cloaked woman (believed to be a witch with the power to bring the dead back to life) continues to haunt a local cemetery. The Mission at Lac La Biche is the home of Father Renard's ghost who was brutally slaughtered by his native guide. The giant pylons of the Lift Lock in Peterborough, have been the scene of many tragedies and a myriad of ghosts are said to haunt its labyrinth of underground tunnels. Explore these encounters and more as we journey to the Great White North in search of paranormal encounters. Could the plague of accidents, suicides and unexplained events stem from the dying curse of an innocent woman burnt as a witch in the 1840’s? 

Alien Creatures from Beyond: Monsters, Ghosts and VampiresAre there creatures still unknown to science lurking in the remote areas of our planet? Hundreds of eyewitnesses say unquestionably YES. Lurking in Magog is the elusive Memphre, a thirty-foot lake monster that stalks the peaceful waters of Lake Memphremagog. Wilno, Ontario is a small town steeped in its heritage, locals believe that when a person takes their own life, then is buried on sacred ground, that person will become a vampire who will walk the streets, preying on their family members. The Bytown Museum sits at the gateway to the Rideau Canal and may also be a gateway to the paranormal. Bell Island is a place steeped in mysteries and legends encountered firsthand by local residents living around the marshes known as Dobbin’s Garden. The residents have named their local Banshee “The Bell Island Hag” explaining that sometimes she appears as a beautiful woman in white, but more often as a horrifying deformed old hag. Men have been known to enter the marshes and then emerge days later scared to death with no memory of what happened, or where they had been. Banshees, Lake Monsters, Vampires and more will be encountered in this special compilation of “Alien Creatures from Beyond.” 

Epic War Stories of WWI and WWII
A lavish production featuring three fascinating and unique tales of World War I and World War II. Complete with historical re-enactments and battle scenes, historically researched costumes and locations all across Europe help the viewer live and feel the experience firsthand. This collection is a must for World War enthusiasts.
In “Murder on the Hill” we follow acclaimed British broadcaster Robin Thompson as he reveals an untold and tragic tale. Ruthless and incompetent military command resulted in the deaths of many brave men. Hear for the first time the shocking truth to an untold chapter of the Great War.
“A Soldier’s Return” takes us on a fascinating journey from 1916 to the present day. We see and hear the tragedy of war firsthand and experience the recreated sights and sounds of battle of those who were there. We learn the story of Corporal Robert Beveridge – a born leader, decorated for bravery in the field – who was forgotten for so long but is now immortalized. This is a story of a generation we must never forget.
"Beyond The Barbed Wire" is the story of Ben Altman, an Aushwitz survivor who dreamed of being a painter as a boy but became a tailor and as a result, survived the camp by being useful to the Nazis. Decades later, the memories poured out of him, and onto canvases. The images of his dreams and emotions are not only a powerful reminder of the Holocaust, but a testament of the human will to survive and transcend while never losing hope or sight of our dreams.
“Stunning and Powerful Collection” -
"A Triumph" - Philip Gardiner, author of the best-selling book "Quantum Mind of God"
“What we’re dealing with is creation and annihilation.” - Fred Alan Wolf “What The Bleep Do We Know”

All available from or visit

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Author Strikes Gold

Independent Author Strikes Gold With Movie Deal

Writer/Producer D Michelle Gent is snapped up for new Chemical Burn Entertainment movie.

Talented writer, Michelle Gent is collaborating on another movie, this time from a scriptwriter’s perspective. After producing a number of films, she’s turning her hand to writing them.

D Michelle Gent’s captivating world of horror, violence, historical fiction and mythical beasts takes another step forward into the realms of fantasy as she embarks upon a career-change that many can only dream of.

After a year of producing movies in collaboration with award-winning Director Philip Gardiner, Michelle has been asked to write a screenplay that the proven and successful combination can work on.

“I’ve always wanted to see my stories brought to life on the big screen and now it looks like it’s actually going to happen!” Michelle said.

Michelle took time out of her writing schedule last year in order to learn a little about the film-making process but did she think it would end up with a writing deal?

“No, I didn’t have any expectations when Phil asked if I wanted to produce his latest movie, Exorcist Chronicles in the summer of last year. To be honest, I went along for the ride and thought that I’d come unstuck soon enough and he’d turf me out of the Producer’s chair but that didn’t happen. In fact, Phil asked me to produce his next movie Dead Walkers – Rise of the 4th Reich and that led to Ancient Demon Succubi Directed by the controversial and acclaimed Aquinas.”

A year after producing the first movie, Michelle is now back in her writer’s chair, busy on the 4th in her well-received Werewolf series and the equally acclaimed Young Adult and New Adult oriented Dusty the Demon Hunter short story series. Hot on the heels of these, a new character is being developed, again for the YA/NA market, Celtica Diamond – an enigmatic supernatural detective.

How will she find time to write the movie screenplay?

“I have no idea where I’ll get the time but it usually all works out in the end. I love writing and creating worlds for others to sink their teeth into, let’s hope that the movie will be as well received as my books have been.”

From werewolves, demons and even Jack the Ripper, Michelle certainly has imagination to spare, her latest full novel, Diamonds and Deviants will be winging its way to an agent later this year.

“Yeah, to borrow a quote: The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get.”

For more details on Michelle or her books and films, contact Bob Frank at

More info

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coming Soon - Ancient Astronauts

Ancient Astronauts: The Return of the Gods
At the turn of the century, in the area now known as Iraq, British archeologists discovered thousands of clay tablets detailing a time when the first civilized people lived amongst their gods, which they called the “Anunnaki.” These people were the ancient Sumerians, who left intricate wall carvings showing their interaction with these beings and depicting them with wings or coming down from heaven on winged disks. They possessed detailed information about our solar system including the existence of the planet of the gods, called “Nibiru.” They also understood that this planet had an elliptical orbit returning to the earth’s proximity every 360,000 years. The Sumerian sign for the 12th planet the “Planet of the Crossing,” was a cross. Are we getting closer to the return of the Gods? Learn of a time when there were “Giants upon the earth” and see actual evidence and artifacts from
a time when man lived amongst his living gods. Featuring top experts and researchers from the History Channel’s "Ancient Aliens" series.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Calling Filmmakers!

Calling Filmmakers!

#horror #slasher #gore #grindhouse #exploitation #indiefilm

Calling all indie filmmakers. Have you made a film? Want to see it out on DVD, video on demand, iTunes, amazon, in shops – well, just about everywhere? Get in touch. Chemical Burn Entertainment are on the hunt for more films and it could be yours! PLEASE help us spread the word and share wherever you can and let’s help out the independent filmmakers of the world. Any subject, any genre, documentary of theatrical. Over 60 mins. Get promotion, get noticed. Email me Brian Johnson on

Get in Touch

#ufo #alien #conspiracy #occult #secrets #illuminati

Calling all documentary filmmakers. 

Have you made a doc or film? Want to see it out on DVD, video on demand, iTunes, amazon, in shops – well, just about everywhere? Get in touch. 

Reality Films are on the hunt for more films and it could be yours!

PLEASE help us spread the word and share wherever you can and let’s help out the independent filmmakers of the world. Any subject, any genre, documentary of theatrical. Over 60 mins. Get promotion, get noticed. 

Email me Brian Johnson on


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Media Cover Up

What They Won’t Show on the Discovery Channel – Media Conspiracy

Have you ever asked yourself, are all the shows on the BBC, Discovery and History channels unbiased? Are they really trying to get to the bottom of mysteries such as the Holy Grail, UFO’s, Bigfoot, the Illuminati and world conspiracies?

Well, a lot of people don’t believe a word they hear from some of these multi-billion dollar organizations and who can blame them? Funded by governments and the world of commerce with a desperate need to earn more and more for their share-holders, it is highly likely that not all the truth is revealed, even though they might know it.

This is the very reason that film companies such as Reality Films are doing so well. It’s because there is that suspicion within many that there’s more to the story – whatever that story may be.

Reality Films produces and distributes a vast array of documentaries on many subjects. Ancient mysteries, aliens and UFO’s, old and new conspiracy theories, secret societies, cryptozoology, hybrid technology, religion and spirituality, earth energies and much more. Available to almost everybody on the earth whether on DVD, video on demand or streamed in dozens of places, some films are even free at the Reality Films youtube site.

But most of all, as the voice of the people, Reality Films needs the support of the people. Whether it’s in help spreading the word via social networking or sending in independently made documentaries for distribution. All help is greatly appreciated to further spread the underground movement that is Reality Films. We’re not anonymous, we’re out in the open and we believe everybody has a right to put across their own theory and evidence on whatever they want – whether it’s belief in the supernatural or evidence about the death of Princess Diana.

Please join us in the fight for media freedom and help us spread the word. There is a film company that has stood up for true independence from day one and it’s Reality Films.

Contact me, Brian Johnson, if you need anything.

#ufo #alien #paranormal #conspiracy #illuminati #hybrid #anonymous Join us!

Alien Implants

Alien Implants: Evidence of UFO Abductions and Encounters

Alien Implants are a physical object placed in a human body after they have been abducted by Aliens. Capabilities of the implants range from telepresence, to mind control, and biotelemetry (akin to humans tagging wild animals for study). Dr. Roger Leir is one of the world’s most important leaders in physical evidence research involving the field of Ufology. He and his surgical team have performed numerous surgeries on alleged alien abductees resulting in the removal of distinct objects suspected of being Alien Implants. Dr. Leir will discuss some of his latest implant surgeries and the physical evidence born from data received from numerous first rank laboratories. Dr. Leir will present a verbal tour through the atomic world illustrating not only the extraterrestrial nature of the material but it’s purposeful design, built by intelligence's that have an advanced technology. He will demonstrate how this form of nanotechnology could be used to benefit mankind. Then join John Greenwald Jr., owner and operator of The Black Vault. Mr. Greenwald has amassed the largest privately owned government document database in the world. Since the 1940s, the United States Government has been involved with, and actively investigating the UFO phenomenon. Contrary to what the U.S. Government wants you to believe, documentation to this day proves that the UFO phenomenon is very real, and remains one of the most top secret topics within the intelligence agencies.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#cult #indie #filmmaker #movie #grindhouse #horror #slasher

Made an indie horror film? Want it distributed? Get in touch and your film could be getting out there! Please share with any and all film groups, blogs, pages and whatever else!

Alien Abduction

Alien Abduction 
Are we being taken by beings from outer space or another dimension? A troubling phenomenon has been occurring for centuries -- countless individuals have very real memories of being taken secretly against their will by nonhuman entities, many being subjected to complex physical and psychological procedures. A large number of experiencers tell tragic tales of being taken against their will which is frightening enough, but what if our own government is aware of abductions and are powerless to prevent it? What is the depth to this conspiracy and what do the government and military factions know? We may never know the full agenda of the beings responsible for alien abductions, however, with each new case we gain more knowledge of the alien agenda, and we become better prepared for the day when we will have full disclosure that we are clearly not alone.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Today is Awesome UFO day brought to you by and

Whatever your beliefs in aliens visiting planet earth, a lot of people over a very long period have seen "something" and a lot have taken footage or pictures. Some eye-witnesses have very good credentials. So what are they seeing? Are they aliens or top secret military or commercial machines? 

Check out these amazing UFO close encounters with aliens!

You can buy these UFO DVD's and more at 

Reality Films are always on the lookout for more films, so if you've made a supernatural, UFO, paranormal, conspiracy or ancient mythology documentary, then get in touch via or email Brian Johnson


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Our Friends at UFO Truth Magazine

Welcome to UFO Truth Magazine, a 96 page color bi-monthly Ezine dedicated to people who believe that aliens are real and that they are visiting the Earth now and have been for many years. With improved technology there has never been a better time to launch an internet based UFO magazine for people that support the merits of the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH). In that vein I have gathered together a number of dedicated and well respected researchers from around the world to act as regular columnists for the magazine. Many other notable ufologists have also agreed to be guest contributors to it. By having some of the best researchers from around the world involved I hope they will broaden the magazine’s international appeal. UFO Truth Magazine is an ezine for all the countries of the world. UFO Truth Magazine will be dedicated to bringing you the latest UFO news and stories from around the world garnered by some of the foremost researchers in the field. UFO Truth Magazine will present the most credible evidence in a no nonsense, non sensationalistic way with science always at its core
#‎ufo‬ ‪#‎alien‬ ‪#‎conspiracy‬ ‪#‎paranormal‬ ‪#‎cryptozoology‬ ‪#‎fortean‬ ‪#‎secretsocieties‬ ‪#‎illuminati‬ ‪#‎occult‬ If it's strange and bizarre.. we got it... Please share with friends. Submit your films. Get review copies for your site/mag. Run competitions. Get in touch

Monday, August 12, 2013

Are You Into UFO’s?

Are You Into UFO’s? is one of the fastest growing UFO, paranormal and mystery sites on the net with hundreds of DVD’s from the underground.

Whether you’re into Roswell, Area 51, Alien Autopsy or theories on the global invasion, has it all. Best-selling films on the Philadelphia Experiment, interviews and news from top UFOlogists, strange and bizarre tales of alien abduction and much more. There really is nowhere like it.

But more than that, has tons of other stuff you’ll love too. From ancient mysteries to conspiracy theories, from cryptozoology to spirituality. There’s also a whole host of feature films covering horror, thrillers, exploitation, grindhouse and more!

Please check it out and tell all your friends – the cult, alternative to the Hollywood mind controllers!

Have you made a film that you’d love to see on our site and distributed across the world? Get in touch

Do you own a relevant website or blog and want to run competitions with our films for FREE? Get in touch

Do you want a review copy of any film? Get in touch

Its a SIN

It's a SIN. #ufo #alien #paranormal #mythology #mystery #bizarre #fortean #cryptozoology #conspiracy

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Immediately taken up by Walmart across the States, this new film is a must see for all horror fans and it's an Awesome recommended film! Please share and let's get this viral! If you own a review site get in touch for review copies with Brian at to order copies now before official release visit

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Competitions for Your Website

Fantastic Competition Offer for Your Website

Reality Films, Chemical Burn Entertainment and World Wide Multi Media would like to off you some great promotion opportunities by giving our films away on your site.

Very simply, you run a competition for your readers to win a DVD of their choice from any one of our websites. This brings interactivity with your readers which boosts visits. It costs you nothing because we will despatch the DVD to the winner on your behalf.

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!

Brian Johnson
European representative

Monday, August 05, 2013

A great store with tons of Reality Films, Chemical Burn and World Wide Multi Media films. Check it out for underground, cutting edge, alternative, horror, thriller, documentary, sci-fi, indie. The one stop store for everything cool!