Friday, January 21, 2011

Finding God: The Enlightenment

How do we find God in a senseless world where we are overloaded with information and technology, distraught by the futility of politics and are constantly being controlled by the machines of progress? In a world obsessed with power and control, many are finding the inner peace we all seek by taking a step back instead of "forward" to identify with nature and common sense, back to the Garden of Eden in a sense. See the trailer for Finding God and decide for yourself.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ghost Caught on Tape - WARNING! Disturbing Content

This year, Reality Films will be releasing The Stone: No Soul Unturned. This profoundly haunting, supernatural film shot entirely on location at one of the UK's most haunted grounds will rattle movie-goers to their very core but perhaps less so than the cast and crew of the film. Since having wrapped several months ago, many members of the cast and crew have yet to escape nightmares and other reminders of their experience making the film.

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