Friday, April 29, 2011

Real Ghosts Caught on Tape - WARNING! Disturbing Content

Foresthill, CA, -- This October, Reality Films will be releasing The Stone: No Soul Unturned. This profoundly haunting, supernatural film shot entirely on location at one of the UK's most haunted grounds will rattle movie-goers to their very core but perhaps less so than the cast and crew of the film. Since having wrapped several months ago, many members of the cast and crew have yet to escape nightmares and other reminders of their experience making the film.


In the UK’s most haunted location, once residence to the mad Lord Byron, a group of seekers arrive hoping to find the truth about life after death. They have been led to believe there is something in this place that can help them attain the occult enlightenment of the ancients. Uncovering a centuries old stone artifact, they are inspired to invoke the spirits of the dead, but instead, they manifest a dark mirror upon their own souls. Confronted by their deepest horrors, the seekers encounter far more than they bargained for, foolishly entering a realm of which there is no escape.

Unknown to them, another group also inhabits these sacred grounds – guardians of a lost secret. From a dark and ancient past, comes the oldest enemy man has ever known, it leaves no soul unturned. You cannot escape The Stone.

Filmed on location at Annesley Hall in Nottinghamshire, England, this film is a British paranormal thriller in true Hammer fashion. Featuring real British Druids filmed on location at sacred grounds with a host of best-selling authors and musicians.

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You will lose sleep
You will lose all sense of reality
You will lose your mind


Reality Is What You Make It

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paranormal Haunting: Curse of the Blue Moon Inn - Poltergeists and Demons

This October Reality Films (a division of Reality Entertainment) will be releasing Paranormal Haunting: Curse of the Blue Moon Inn, a film based on true accounts of Poltergeists and Demons.

High on the peak of the Moors stands the Blue Moon Inn, the home of Matthew Hopkins for as long as anybody cares to remember. Here is the place where once every century the moon appears to turn blue and all-manner of strange and terrifying events are unleashed upon the land. The time has come again and with it a small group of interested individuals. An astronomer, an astrologer and a documentary filmmaker all arrive unaware of the pure evil that will befall them. A nightmare unfolds upon each guest until the final shocking conclusion. Prepare for witchcraft, occult rituals and answers to age-old mysteries. Prepare yourselves for the Blue Moon Inn.

Directed by author and award-winning filmmaker, Philip Gardiner, Paranormal Haunting takes you into a strange and mysterious world of occult fear. Filled with symbolic clues, numerology and psychological terror, this film is based upon Gardiner’s years of research into the esoteric, secret societies, folklore and traditions.

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Reality Is What You Make it

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ancient Aliens -The Gods From Planet X - Return to Earth

This May, Reality Films will be releasing Ancient Astronauts: The Gods From Planet X by Jason Martell star of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series.

Do the stories in the Bible and other sacred texts speak of Gods or Extraterrestrials? The history of the human race and our true origins of where we come from can be traced back through archeology and a careful study of our past. Many of the world’s ancient sites and amazing artifacts still exist, showing ancient man’s use of advanced technology – but how was this knowledge gained? In the early 1900’s British archeologists began excavations in the ancient Sumerian city of UR. They discovered thousands of clay tablets, which detailed a time when the first civilized people, the ancient Sumerians, lived amongst their gods, which they called the “Anunnaki.” They left many wall carvings showing their interaction with these beings depicting them with wings or coming down from heaven on winged disks. Wherever archaeologists unearthed these artifacts, the symbol of the winged disk was conspicuous, dominating temples and palaces, carved on rocks, etched on cylinder seals, painted on walls. It accompanied kings and priests, stood above their thrones, “hovered” above them in battle scenes, and was etched into their chariots.

The ancient Sumerians knew of the planet of the gods, called “Nibiru” now known as the “12th Planet” and understood that this planet had an elliptical orbit returning to the earth’s proximity every 360,000 years. The Sumerian sign for the 12th planet the “Planet of the Crossing,” was a cross. The ancient Sumerians not only expected the periodic crossing of this 12th planet with the earth but charted its advancing course as they wanted to prepare for the coming rains and flooding as the strong gravitational effects of Nibiru created havoc on earth. Mesopotamian and Hebrew prophets considered Nibiru approaching Earth and becoming visible to mankind as ushering in a new era. Learn of a time when there were “Giants upon the earth” and see the actual evidence and artifacts from a time when man lived amongst his living gods!



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Reality Is What You Make it

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

As of April 1st 2011 - Egypt Exposed is now available on VOD with the following cable/Satellite/IPTV operators

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