Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Films From Chemical Burn

Five New Bad Ass Horror Movies From Chemical Burn
Announcing five amazing new horror films from Chemical Burn Entertainment with everything from vampires to Nazis, slashers to killer clowns.

With 21st Century Serial Killer the whole genre of slasher film is turned completely on its head in this stylistic, almost Tarantino style film.

In The Last Vampyre we find an apocalyptic world about to get even more apocalyptic with intense and extremely clever dialogue, action and horror.

In Dead Walkers: Rise of the 4th Reich we enter a world of British spies coming face to face with a Nazi zombie machine with lots of action and strangeness thrown in.

In Slasherhouse we have a film that brings art and style to the slasher genre with lots of blood, gore and screams thrown in.

All The Devil’s Aliens is a taught and shocking thriller, superbly acted and directed.

All these films are worthy of praise and show Hollywood how real gritty horror should be made. Please show your support for these amazing filmmakers and spread the word. Links to the trailers below.

All The Devil’s Aliens
21st Century Serial Killer
The Last Vampyre on Earth
All the Devil’s Aliens

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013


The Zombies Are Coming

It seems zombies are invading every part of the globe and it’s not just on the TV.

Every time we turn on the television these days there’s another commercial advertising the latest zombie flick. Around the world there are zombie conventions, walks, talks and whole cities come to a standstill as thousands of zombies walk the streets. The evil dead are everywhere.

But it’s not just big budget films that are claiming the minds of humans everywhere. In fact the big budget films are simply cashing in on an underground phenomenon that has been bubbling like boiling blood for many years. The real zombie die hards go for the indie flick where gore and mutilation is more gritty and where imagination sometimes works harder than the blockbusters predictability.

One such company making and distributing zombie genre films is Chemical Burn Entertainment. Along with horror, slasher and exploitation films, Chemical Burn Entertainment have a whole host of zombie inspired films and now they’ve put several together in one special Zombie Horror Fright Fest.

If you have the stomach for it, there’s six hours of zombie hell and some of these are amazing award winning films such as The Defiled, which is a kind of silent black and white zombie noir.

Of course you can get all the films separately from Chemical Burn but overall the value is much better in one set.

Zombie Horror Fright Fest includes not one, not two, but FOUR Gut Munching Zombie flicks straight from the depths of HELL! But be warned! These four award-winning Zombie Masterpieces contain Explicit Gore and will give you nightmares for years to come!


BONUS FEATURES include two Zombie shorts "Rise of the Living Corpse" and "Fitness Class Zombie."


Monday, September 02, 2013


Calling ALL Filmmakers
You’ve made a film. Brought it all together, script, locations, actors, effects, editing. Now what? Spend even more money and go to festivals and hope to get spotted?

There are a lot of distribution companies out there so how do you know which one to choose? And will they take you on board and help you all the way? Reality Films and Chemical Burn Entertainment are just part of one of the fastest growing film companies around. Covering everything from feature films to documentaries in every genre. With a host of award winning films and a catalogue of hundreds of movies and documentaries from all over the world, it’s the ideal partner.

So before you spend that money at a film festival, why not get in touch with us and give your movie or documentary what it deserves – exposure to a wide audience. Video on demand, streaming, DVD, iTunes, amazon, Netflix, in stores and on cable, in fact we have one of the widest distribution networks around and we take all the hassle away so you can get on with making more films in your new partnership!

Come and join the family. Email me, Brian Johnson at or check out just two of our many websites and