Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tranceformers Hits Number 1 on Amazon

Tranceformers, Shamans of the 21st Century by Dr. John Jay Harper with forward by Dr. Bruce Lipton hit Number One on Amazon.com in the meta-physics category last week.

The book soared past Deepak Chopra's new book, Chopra is one of the most notable authors in the spiritual genre. A full length film will begin shooting this year for the book, following in the path of the hugely successful What The Bleep Do We Know. Dr. Harper is a frequent guest on coast to coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory. Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century is the true story of this author’s contact with a “dead” optics physicist colleague and the telepathic communication that sent him searching for scientific answers to his spiritual questions. Harper draws from this deep well of wisdom: astrology, astronomy, biology, near-death experiences, paranormal psychology, quantum physics as well as Egyptian and Mayan cosmology.

The Ultimate theme of this book is that by learning to use trance—the techniques employed by mystics, prophets, and shamans— one can unlock the mysteries of existence for themselves.

Indeed this is the big idea behind the Eternal Return of the Sun of God in 2012: Self-Empowerment. "The response and support for this book has been simply overwhelming" says Matt Clark, VP of Reality Entertainment.

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